The Mossy lamp adds a warm and living element to any room. As the day passes, its shadows play on the walls, the lamp shaping the light like clouds shape a summer day.
The fundamental elements of Mossy are semi-circles which are combined to form a mesh outline. An inspiration for these shapes was the structure of moss and lichens growing on Norrbottnian mires.
Through patient repetition, Mossy is hand-built from cylinders of stoneware, laid out in a fractal pattern that at times seems almost self-organising, like a plant or coral. As with other design objects created by Diana Butucariu, Mossy took shape in a constant dialogue with her work in abstract art. Smaller Mossys can be fitted in a corner as floor lamps, or on a bed-side table.

Mossy is a large ceramic lamp. Its organic shape creates an unpredictable play of shadows, making the room come alive.